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Anatomy of a Container / Construction of a Container

ISO Containers are constructed to accommodate up to 60,000 lbs of cargo each, and are typically stacked, loaded, up to 9 high on Container Ships. Needless to say, they are designed to be very strong and durable. Mouse over some of the key design features below for a description.
container box
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Corner Fittings
With the aid of inter-connecting blocks, containers are stacked and connected at the Corner Fittings. The Containers may also be lifted by the Corner Fittings by attaching chains or straps through them.
Most Container Floors consist of 1 1/8” treated plywood over steel cross-members spaced at 11” apart. They are designed to support small forklifts and up to 60,000 lbs of cargo.
Fork Pockets
All 20’ Containers are equipped with Fork Pockets, spread 68” apart (inside to inside). Some New, “One-Trip”, 40’ Containers are similarly equipped, but most Used 40’ Containers do not have Fork Pockets.
Lock Bars
The Double Doors of a container are fitted with four Lock Bars, each of which can be pad-locked.
Lock Box
Most New, “One Trip”, Containers have added Lock Boxes. Used Containers do not have Lock Boxes.
The corrugated walls of a container are built from 14 gauge, cor-ten steel. They are non-structural and may be cut or removed to install doors, windows, etc.
Door Seals
All Containers are equipped with double seals around the doors making them “weather and rodent tight”.
Containers are equipped with 2 or more Vents to provide minimal air flow, and to prevent sweating. However, if upholstered or cloth items are being stored inside the container care should be taken to keep the air inside dry by using buckets of desiccant, or silica tablets to wick the humidity out of the air, as the Vents do not provide enough air flow to prevent mildewing.
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