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Can my Container be loaded in one location, and moved to another location for unloading?

Yes, our 16’ Residential Containers may be used for local, Tulsa-area moves only , and we are limited to 5,000 lbs of contents.

Can my empty Container be moved?

Yes, we move empty containers that were purchased from us at a rate of $100/hr total transit time, with a 2 hr minimum.

Do you offer a Rent to Own program?

Yes, we offer a Rent-to-Own program

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, MC and Discover. Please keep in mind that all quoted prices are cash prices. There will be a 3% Convenience Fee to Credit Card transactions to cover the bank fees.

Is it safe to store upholstered items in my Container?

When storing upholstered items in a Container, we recommend using buckets of desiccant or silica tablets to wick the humidity out of the air and prevent mildewing. DampRid® is a popular brand sold at both Lowes and Home Depot.

Can mice get into a closed Container?

No. So long as the door seals are in good condition, and there are no holes in the walls or floor of the container, rodents cannot access a closed container. However, if the doors are left open, mice have been known to enter and to become trapped inside once the doors are closed again.

Are containers air/water tight?

Containers are Weather-Tight, meaning that rain, wind, snow, etc., cannot get into a closed Container. There are vents in Containers that allow minimal ventilation, so it cannot be considered absolutely air-tight. Also, in the event of a flood, water can eventually work its way up through the floor of a container.

What are the containers made out of?

Intermodal Containers are constructed of COR-TEN Steel, a.k.a. corten steel. COR-TEN steel is formulated to be resistant to corrosion. Although resistant to corrosion, it is not impervious to it and unpainted areas should be cleaned and spot painted to insure long life.

What are the floors in the containers made of?

Please see our Specifications page for details of Container components and dimensions.

What size truck is used to deliver the container?

Please see our Delivery & Pickup page for details of the delivery process.

How much room do I need for the container to be delivered?

Please see our Delivery & Pickup page for details of the delivery process.