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Container Rentals

Budget Box Mobile Storage rents containers of various sizes and configurations. We also rent custom Shelving Brackets and Bike Racks, specially made for use in our Storage Containers. Our Rentals units are equipped with a proprietary Lock-Box that locks the doors together, providing an added layer of security.

We do not employ billing tricks, nor do we load our leases with “hidden” fees. Specifically;

  • We do not add Fuel-Surcharges.
  • We do not add Insurance Fees.
  • We do not add Property Tax Fees.

Commercial Contractors

Keep tools and materials dry and secure.


Store excess inventory, store-fixtures, lay-a-way items, etc. safely and securely.

Seasonal Businesses

Lock-up inventory at night keeping it dry and secure along with your supplies.


Clear up space on the production floor by storing stock and infrequently used tools and supplies in the Container.


Containers work great for storing dry goods such as cups, to-go boxes, plates, napkins, cutlery, spices, etc.

Home Improvement Projects

Remodeling projects go so much easier when furniture and other keepsakes are stored out of the way, locked up securely on your property, inside the container.

Sizes & Configurations

  • 10′ x 8′ Standard
  • 20′ x 8′ Standard and Double Door
  • 40′ x 8′ Standard and Double Door
  • 40’ x 9’6” Highcube

Inspection & Service

We inspect and service each and every container before and after it goes out on lease, which includes:

  • Checking the doors for proper function and ease of use.
  • Lubricating door hinges and hardware.
  • Inspecting the Container for cleanliness and insuring that no dirt, grease, grime, etc. will be passed on to the next client.
  • Pressure washing the container, inside and out.
  • Inspecting the overall condition of the container to make certain that it remains “wind, water and rodent” tight.

Our Rentals units are equipped with a custom Lock-Box that locks the doors together, providing an added layer of security.

The following BBMS Terms of Use v.1 may be downloaded here, signed and faxed to 866-634-6697 prior to delivery when no company official will be present at the delivery to sign them.

BBMS Terms of Use v.1

Budget Box Mobile Storage (BBMS):

  1. Shall deliver a clean, dry, secure container promptly.
  2. Shall place container where the customer wants it, where possible.
  3. Shall retrieve the container promptly.
  4. There will be no proration of rent for partial months.
  5. Shall Not charge “hidden” fees beyond the quoted Rental Rate such as Ad Valorem Taxes or Fuel Surcharge Fees.
  6. May periodically adjust the Rental Rate or these Terms of Use with a 30 day advance written notice.
  7. May inspect the exterior and/or interior of the unit at any time during the rental period to insure compliance with these Terms of Use.


  1. Shall not move container, alter or modify container without BBMS prior written approval.
  2. Shall return container to BBMS in the same condition as it was received, broom-swept, dry, and secure, or shall pay BBMS for repair, paint and or cleaning fees needed to return container to “delivered condition”. Customer further agrees that the value of the empty container is $4,200 for a standard 20’ unit, $5,200 for a 20’ unit with doors on both ends, $7,200 for a standard 40’ unit, and $8,000 for a standard 40’ unit with doors on both ends or for a 40’ high-cube unit, and agrees to reimburse for the full value of the unit should damages to the unit exceed 50% of that value.
  3. Shall release BBMS from any claim arising from any damage to any property during unloading and/or pickup of the container. Shall provide a clear staging area of 3 times the length of the container by 20’ wide for unloading and loading of the unit, and shall compensate BBMS at a rate of $100/hr. for time spent beyond 30 minutes waiting on-site to unload or load container.
  4. Shall not assign this lease or sub-let the unit.
  5. Is solely responsible for the goods that he/she stores inside container, and releases BBMS from any responsibility for those contents.
  6. Shall provide his/her own insurance to cover the container and its contents, or shall accept the responsibility of being self-insured.
  7. Shall be solely responsible for observing any and all local ordinances, zoning, restrictive covenants, etc., and releases BBMS from any fines or fees resulting from the violation thereof.
  8. Shall pay rent within 10 days of the due date (prior to the Rental Period), or agree to late fees of $20 per unit. Likewise, customer agrees to a $40 penalty for a returned check. Payments shall be remitted to:

Budget Box Mobile Storage

Department # 410

P.O. Box 21568

Tulsa, OK 74121

  1. Agrees that BBMS has the right to repossess container, including its contents, should account be in arrears by more than 30 days, and further agrees that BBMS has the right to auction the contents of the container to recover any rent, delivery & pickup fees, late fees, damage and/or cleaning fees owed.
  2. Agrees that BBMS has the right to charge Credit Card provided for any rent, delivery and pickup fees, late fees, in arrears beyond 30 days, and any repair or cleaning fees owed.
  3. Understands that violating any of these Terms of Use constitutes a breach of agreement, releasing BBMS to repossess the unit, and recover any rent, delivery & pickup fees, late fees, damage and/or cleaning fees owed by either of the means listed above.

Delivery & Pickup

We deliver our own containers, on our own specialized trucks and trailers, driven by our own drivers. We will not use third parties to delivery your container to you. Our drivers are well-trained, experienced, and care about satisfying your desire to get the container where you want it, without damaging your property in the process.

Please refer to our Delivery & Pickup Page for complete details regarding space requirements.


per Billing Period

10’ Standard—Doors One End $ 70
20’ Standard- Doors One End $ 85
20’ Double Door- Doors Both Ends $ 100
40’ Standard- Doors One End $ 120
40’ Double Door- Doors Both Ends $ 135
40′ Highcube (9’6″ tall)- Doors One End $ 135

Delivery, Pickup & Relocation Fees

One-way Delivery Fee (30 minutes at site) $ 3/ mile, $100 min
One-way PickUp (P/U) Fee (5-days notice requested) $ 3/ mile, $100 min
Relocating Fees (container must be empty) :
  On-Site (rented container within Tulsa) $ 100
  Site to Site (rented container within Tulsa) $ 150
  All Others $ 100/ hr, 2hr Min
Per Lock Deposit (Refundable to Customer if Lock and 2 Keys Returned) $ 20

Specialty Charges

Shelving Brackets and Bike Racks Call
Electrical Outlet ($ 35 deposit for pigtail) $ 10/ month
Extended Time Required At Delivery $ 100/ hr
Re-delivery or Return Fee Extra P/U Fee
Trip to Replace Lost Lock/Keys Extra P/U Fee
Miscellaneous Onsite Service Calls $ 100/ hr
Custom Shelving Brackets and Bike Racks hang from container lashing rings
Custom Shelving Brackets and Bike Racks hang from container lashing rings